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Re: If FWD, check CV joint -typical symptom

Could be a bunch of possible causes directly relating to your brakes, or coincidently something else in that general area. For instance a suspension part like a shock or strut.

Going on the assumption it's realted to your recent brake work:
- Make sure the rotor is being properly held against the hub, usually the wheel and lug nuts provide this but some vehicles also use small machine screws
- Re-check the bolts that hold the caliper bracket
- Check the pinions that allow the cliper to slide on the bracket and make sure they move smoothly
- Check the brake pads for correct placement within the cliper and are not binding
- Make sure no tools were left by accident attached to the car...

I like to use a good brake grease to lubricate the moving parts and where metal meets metal. It is debatedable in some circles if petroluem based "grease" is safe for rubber brake parts, so be careful with the grease or you can aquire silicone based "grease".

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