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Maybe an AFD drive

Bill Howatt
This may or may not be your problem but there has been a change to what is called Advanced Format Drives or Native 4k drives. These drives have 4096 byte sectors instead of 512 bytes. XP does not understand this at all and the first time they were somewhat handled was back in Vista Service Pack 1. Windows 8 and 10 fully understand them.

Drives were/are produced that have 4K sectors but present the data to the computer as if they were a 512 byte sector drives.

If your drive is a Native 4K drive, I can't tell you what you might do but this could be your problem. Check your disks documentation if you got any or look it up on the Seagate website. You may also find ways to get around it there as well, hopefully, if that's it. Of course, it could be something else. Have you tried it on a newer OS say Windows 7 or later?


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