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Re: Bits n Pieces of All Posted

William Duffield
If you are making custom mouldings with rabbet planes, hollows, rounds and a sticking board, there is a disadvantage to your strategy of longest pieces first. The profiles will match pretty closely if they were cut close together on the stock, but may vary a lot the farther apart the pieces have been cut from the stock. If you can start at one end and work to the other, then you will have less sanding or scraping to do to make the profiles match where they meet. It can help to keep the individual pieces in order as they came off the stock. With a little more planning, you can, of course, start in the middle and work towards both ends, but still keep them in order. Or, you can rough cut them long, number them, number the locations where they will be installed, and then proceed in logical order to fit them.

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