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Alan Young
Good stuff here---Bill's point about enough molding is important-Especially with the specialty molding employed in his piece shown here. If you are using stock molding-there is something less annoying about returning to the Lumber yard Home center to get another 6 feet because you used up too much making "mistakes" in the wrapping process..On the other hand I find when fabricating my moldings there is a psychological battle between making enough extra for the "in case I screw it up" moments and "oh- everything went fine now I have all this extra and have to store it so it won't get damaged but won't remember I have it next time I want this profile"... still-better to use up stock making extra-

One thing I commit to is the front/longest pieces first- I do the long pieces first because if I screw it up and end up cutting them too short- they can be used for one of the shorter sides. I cut each piece with the 45 degree on each end leaving it an inch or so long---then set it with one end-usually the left-perfectly aligned with the corner of the case- then clamp to the case-checking that the aligned corner hasn't moved-then scribe/mark of the other end- I then sneak up on this mark making probably two to three cuts re positioning the piece back on the case between each cut- this is tedious but when the piece fits perfectly I glued it in place and leave it alone-alone in the sense that I don't move on to the next piece yet- not alone in the sense that I monitor it to make sure it doesn't shift- left or right or up or down. Once it has set and is in place I moved on to the next piece- the other long piece using the same technique.

After the long pieces are glued I move to the sides. Here I cut a short ~4" piece to check the 45 degree match- If the corner isn't a perfect 45 I make adjustments as necessary- Once the angle is a good match I repeat the process of setting the molding to the matched 45 degree corner then subscribing the long end if all goes well I won't need to make any adjustments ....this is the process I used in the table top post a week or so ago-

I needed no adjustments to my saws 45degree setting- but the important detail is to get the case work or for me- the table top with 90 degree corners first... but repeating the sequence of cutting each end at ~45 degrees till the inside corner of each end of the molding matches the corresponding corner of the case..

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