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Re: Making and installing mitered molding

Brian Holcombe

If the results are spot on, then you're certainly on the right path (or one of them).

I make mitered corner art frames for pre stretched canvas. They're a frame wrapped around another frame and so I've gotten the hang of this sort of thing. I've made a few hundred of these at this point.

I make my moldings, then scribe the first of the first one to the inside corners. I cut to my scribe lines and install the first by clamping it into place. I then cut (miter) the adjoining member and check the fit of the joint (allows me to compensate by changing angles if need be at this point). I clamp then fit into place. At which point I now scribe the next inside corner.

Finally I finish the last piece by removing the first and scribing to the inside corner. I recheck my fit then clamp and glue.

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