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Re: Making and installing mitered molding *PIC*

Mark Hennebury
I do something similar to you Bill, I work around the cabinet.

I cut the miters on a sliding tablesaw.

First determine the miter angle.

If you want to be extremely accurate setting the miter angle, rip some strips of scrap mdf or whatever wider than your moulding and use that instead of mouldings to hold against the cabinet and scribe. the wider the more accurate you will get your miter angle.

Clamp your pieces around the cabinet as in the sketch and scribe lines Then scribe a line across the diagonal to get the angle; this works whatever the angle is and even if your mouldings are different widths.
Set your miter fence angle and clamp on a new spoil-board, then make a fresh cut.

Cut the first miters,
Glue one side miter in place and clamp the front one to it.
Scribe the other end of the front piece with a knife.
Remove the front piece and cut on the saw by lining up the knife mark with the fence edge.

This method gives precise angles and fit, with no fidlding or fussing.

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