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Re: OT - new desktop computer recommendations?

John McGaw
I always recommend external backup since it can be totally disconnected and kept in a safe(r) location. Besides nightly automatic backups of my entire main system to a 16tB network server in house I keep a set of three 3-tB external hard drives which are rotated in and out of my bank's vault one at a time on a monthly or more frequent basis. Whatever befalls my local systems I can be sure that recovery is going to be possible from one of those even though it might be weeks out of date. Big bulky files, mostly of the media sort, are kept on my HTPC which is also backed up to the server but new files are also copied to a 12tB Drobo as they are generated. Additionally I keep a frequent snapshot of my main system drive on an external SSD which lives in a fireproof and waterproof media safe in the house. All this may seem paranoid but, after being in the small computer business in one way or another since 1975, I know firsthand about data loss in almost every form.

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