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John K Jordan
>>>(This is because the people who designed the circuitry in the unit are so much smarter than those of us who use these things. NOT)

You know, a smart guy like yourself could modify the circuitry to make it come on when the power is applied. Since a "soft" switch turns the motor on I'm guessing it could be done with a power-up trigger pulse delayed by a simple 555 timer chip. Having it come on in the same state (motor speed) as when it was turned off would be a bit more effort, perhaps most easily done with a microcontroller like the Arduino sensing the state, saving it, then restoring it with the proper electronic button presses. While you're at it, maybe trigger the time delay feature when the lights are turned off so it can run for a while when you leave in case you left any dust floating around.

Or just rip out the controller and hard wire the motor to a single speed. Trivial.

Jet could have built more features into the original unit but at increased design cost and maybe hardware cost.


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