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Re: OT - new desktop computer recommendations?

Hoa in Alameda
>> if a fresh start is being made, a good external USB drive for backups might be a good investment.

- Buy a desktop with a cheap (magnetic) hard disk.
- Buy an SSD of the same (or less) capacity as the stock hard disk.
- Clone the stock hard disk to the SSD and verify that the SSD works (most after market SSD comes with a cloning software).
- Add the SSD to the computer as the boot disk.
- Set up the original disk as a secondary disk.
- Every so often (weekly?), clone the boot disk (SSD) to the secondary disk.
- If there is extra space on the secondary disk, use that space for daily data backup.

If the SSD crashes (happened to me twice last year on separate computers), set the secondary disk as a boot disk. You'll be up and running in a few minutes with very little data loss.

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