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Re: OT - new desktop computer recommendations?

John McGaw
As the OP wrote "No fancy CAD/CAM, gaming or graphics." That would suggest that a high-end video card would be a waste -- the embedded graphics in Intel's modern chips is quite sufficient for almost any other sort of work. If OP decides later that fast graphics is now a priority then a separate graphics card can always be added.

I'd spend any extra money on a good SSD, M.2 unit rather than a regular SATA device -- the extra speed is quite noticeable even on mundane tasks. Upgrading to an NVMe Samsung 960 M.2 on my daily-driver made most activities about twice as fast and the old SATA drive was one of the faster of its type to begin with. Oh, and if a fresh start is being made, a good external USB drive for backups might be a good investment.

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