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Where did you buy your OEM Jet 16-32 conveyor belt

I suppose I am one of the luckly ones. Mine partially failed this past weekend after 11 years
of light use. The sandpaper peeled off the backing. The backing will still pull a board through
without slipping.

But it is time to order the replacement. After all the problems documented on non
OEM conveyor belts, where did you purchase yours? Searching with part number 60-0316-P,
Amazon and Ereplacement and a few others list an OEM replacement. The stock
photo is a light colored belt where mine is dark, almost black. I suppose this is
OK since as best I can tell, the -P in the part number indicates a newer version of the
conveyor belt. The price seems to indicate an OEM belt too. My suspicion grows when the
description says 16 inch wide. I read that the OEM belt is 16 1/4 inch wide and this missing
1/4 inch can cause tracking problems.

The Woodcraft and Rockler sites do not bring up a true OEM conveyor belt. I do have a local
Rockler and Woodcraft but I have not seen this belt in the stores. In store ordering is
fine with me if it is not going to take a month wait for the next bulk shipment to arrive.

Dang thing broke when I need it the most.

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Where did you buy your OEM Jet 16-32 conveyor belt
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