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Re: Anyone "Shop Local" Anymore?

Hank Knight
We are fortunate to have a very well stocked woodworkers machinery and supply store in town. It started 30-40 years ago as a contractors supply but has gradually added serious woodworking machines and related items for the professional and the hobbyist. A couple of years ago they added an in-house Rockler dealership. They don't carry high-end hand tools, but they've got just about everything else covered, from machines to power hand tools, router and drill bits, dust collection equipment, hardware, finishes, abrasives, glue and related items. Several years ago they started an in-house hardwood business and they carry a lot of domestic and imported hardwoods. They have some nice stuff, but the prices are high. I still purchase my hardwood lumber elsewhere. For other day-to-day household items, clothing etc., we shop locally and seldom need to purchase online or from out-of-town suppliers.

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