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Barry Irby
I set up a temporary "scaffold" and put it up. Two 2x4's screwed into the top of the door frame and 2 2x2's to the floor. Then I put the unit on top of my planer and then on top of my head and shoved it into place. I had screwed two 2x4's to the ceiling and I screwed the unit to them.

While I was out I bought filters for it and a plug adapter to let me plug it into the light circuit. I am disappointed the unit will not come back on automatically after turning the lights off and back on. (This is because the people who designed the circuitry in the unit are so much smarter than those of us who use these things. NOT)

I only ran it for a minute or two before I left for a meeting. I purposely blew a little dust into the air and watched it float up to the machine. Looked like an excellent addition tot he shop. I have another one that I made out of a furnace blower. They are in opposite corners of the shop so maybe I'll get a nice circular circulation.

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