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At the North Carolina woodturning symposium *PIC*

John K Jordan

I met some wonderful people and caught up with some old friends, spent way too much money and got too many new ideas to take up my spare time! I won a great block of Katalox in a drawing - I've never even seen that wood before. (Janka Hardness: 3,660!)

There were some amazing turners and artists - quite inspiring. I was especially impressed by Graeme Priddle and Melissa Engler and the ways they used carving, burning, color and more on wood surfaces. Incredible in both design and execution - just hearing stories about their own inspirations was inspiring! Here they are with the other John Jordan showing off photos of his new grandbaby, the cutest baby in the world - just ask him! They went home with genuine JKJ magic wands guaranteed to solve all their problems. (not!)

I went a little early to visit Frank Penta and play in his shop before the symposium. Frank continues to do creative things with small pieces of wood combined in unique ways. He brought a small lathe to the vendor's area for impromptu demos and even let me turn a little on it. He liked my horse rider's crops and immediately turned a handle for one from a multicolored glued-up blank.

I got to chat with Mark StLeger, Rudy Lopez, and Harvey Meyer, and some turners from WC (and other forums).

The opportunities to go broke were all around. Ruth Niles was there with new bottle stopper designs. J. Jordan and Doug Thompson (and others) were selling tools. World Timbers brought a truckload of exotic turning blanks at fire-sale prices, and Sauers Veneers have some tempting veneer including beautiful birdseye maple. Other vendors brought huge stocks of highly figured maple, ambrosia maple, beautiful box elder, and amazing burls. I'm afraid my resolve failed and I contributed to the retirement of some of these good people.

I somehow resisted buying artist's turnings and filling my car completely with new tools.


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