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Ellis Walentine
Just in case anyone else needs to know, the key to restoring your profile when your cookie(s) have been deleted is to simply look up your registered username in the list under the Profiles link, then copying it into the Set Preferences link and saving it. This resets your cookie for that messageboard so our system will recognize you and display the various formatting and uploading options that come with membership.

[NOTE: Each messageboard sets its own cookie, so if you've wiped out all your cookies, you would need to repeat this for each messageboard you visit. Cookies are also browser-specific, so if you use different browsers on the same machine, you'd need to repeat the preferences update on each browser and messageboard.]

When viewing the message index, you can tell if someone is registered by whether their name appears in hyperlink text or regular black text. Clicking a hyperlinked name will take you to that person's profile.

I know, pretty arcane stuff. In a pinch, send me a note if you need specific help, but do check the FAQs file first for clues and instructions.


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