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WC Weekend Accomplishments....

Dennis E Peacock
6 Nov 2017

Good Morning Everyone,
The good news is we finally got some much needed rain and I'm really happy about that. The temps have been back around the 80 degree F mark and I'm ready for fall temps. I've been on CPAP for a month now and the difference in my daily life is significant. I stay awake all day now, I feel like getting things done, I feel more rested, and I'm thinking better. I may not look any better but I do feel better. :)
I didn't get much done this past weekend as I had family stuff to do as well as talk with my daughter and son-in-law about house design, layout, and what's involved in building your own house. I feel that this will be a project in the making for a few months while they sort things out.

That's it for me, so what did YOU do this past weekend?

Best of weeks to you all.
Dennis Peacock

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