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Re: The guide to ducting

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
As others have said the problem is insufficient air flow either because the blower is not capable of moving enough air or too much pipe resistance.

That mile of corrugated pipe could be the problem. Why didn't you run the header to where the lathe is and just do a short drop?

I attended a dust collection seminar given by an expert in the field and he showed the huge friction losses this pipe generates. It creates turbulent flow and that is bad news for moving air. You can do an easy test. Accumulate the layer of chips and then disconnect one or both lengths of that pipe. If the chips don't fly down the pipe then the problem is with the blower or filter bag.

I have a 1.5 HP Oneida system with 7" runs and smooth 5" flex pick ups. I accidently sucked a bench brush off the bench and it went down the pipe. I have to be careful to not get anything that fits in the pipe near the end of it.

I presume when you are using the lathe that the other outlets are gated shut?

I envy all those windows.

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