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Dust collector woes *PIC*

john lucas
Had to change a few things on my dustcollector pipes this weekend and as I took one of the down pipes off I noticed it had about a 2" buildup in the bottom of the horizontal 6" pipe. I pulled another down pipe closer to the end and it had about the same, maybe a little less. Then I pulled the elbow off the very end and it had about an inch. This is where most of the dust comes from because that's the one that goes to my lathe. I used my stove pipe cleaning brush to push it on down the pipe with the collector running. Now the whole 15 foot section is clean to the corner. Not sure why that is happening. is it because I have 4" down pipes.
I put a T in the end instead of an elbow and put a cap on it so I can easily remove it and clean it if it needs it again.

while I was doing that I decided to change another problem and bring up another question. While installing some of the down pipes I had to use some 45 degree angles to get the pipe to the right place. I wasn't thinking when I installed them and one of them had the angle to the left with the air flowing from right to left. A lot of sawdust collects in the bottom of that down pipe. About 8 feet from there I put on in with the 45 going to the right with airflow going from right to left. this one gets very little dust in the bottom near the gate. Most of my down piped have T so there is a 90 degree down pipe. These all get some dust near the gate. I periodically go around and open each gate one at a time going from the furthest away to the closest. This cleans out the debri in those gates.
So my question is. Should you run a down pipe at certain angle to try and prevent the debri from collecting at the bottom. I probably can't change them now.

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