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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
You don't know the grade of Barry's lumber. Barry's walnut is not steamed nor KD, something of substantial importance to the kind of business that buys 200 bd ft at a time.

The cherry in the chest of drawers Barry posted is nice wood, but Barry said he had to do some searching to find these cuttings. They were not large cuttings and would have been easy to get from #1 common or better grade.

We sold lumber for many years and in that time I chased several wild geese in the form of "deals" on lumber put away in a barn XX years ago by individuals from sawing their family logs. Invariably this lumber contained mostly lumber that would grade at the bottom of the scale. The timber on family farms has typically be high graded for generations as the family needed money and fell prey to the local logger. There are exceptions, but the typical log I am asked about isn't worth the saw bill if the object is resale.

That said, something made from timber from the family farm has value that transcends market value for the family. It is best to think about the value of what can be made from it and not the value of the raw material.

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