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Re: How could anyone answer this question

Barry Irby
Bill, I suppose the question was somewhat philosophical. And you are correct, unanswerable.

The wood is part of that vague plan, non plan, I have had since 8th grade shop to build some furniture. I never know whether people want and like the stuff I build for them. Maybe I'm insecure. Maybe I wonder if it could have been better. I'm shocked when I find something I made years ago and realize it treasured. Slightly baffled. Other times I wonder if they are waiting for me to die so they can finally throw it away. I'm hoping it's a long wait. I NEED some 8/4 walnut. time to start reading the obits.

I just wish there had been some cocobolo and ebony trees on the farm. Come to think of it, there is a huge persimmon......

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