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How could anyone answer this question
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What's my wood worth? ()

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I'll ask back, what is my house worth. It is 2800 sq ft ? You were just given as much information to arrive at a price as we were.

Thickness, grade, species and moisture content determine value which will vary by nearly two orders of magnitude. If you know the answers to these variables you can go to a local lumber supplier, see what they are selling equivalent wood for and arrive at a potential value. Or, go to a mill and see what these thickness, species and grade are selling for which will provide a lower floor on value. If it is sawed and dried well you can always sell to a mill.

"Log run" means almost nothing because the value of the logs can vary from worthless to dollars per bdft. Improper sawing can lower value from some to total. Try marketing lumber cut too thin. Not kiln dried limits your market substantially.

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