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Re: Around me, likely to get 50 cents

Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
I have purchased several thousand BF of Cherry, Walnut and White oak from Estate sales, most from Amish people. I believe my average cost is around $.50 BF.

I have what was 2 skids of Cherry from one tree with very nice figure. I also have one lot of White oak composed of 10+long by 12 wide 6/4 boards - est 12 -16 boards. I have some Walnut over 14' long in various widths. As far as I know all of the lumber is air dried, it is rough cut and stored in the upstairs of my shop which is heated / air conditioned. I also have several other lots of Poplar, Ash, Hackberry, etc. All of my "stash" has been stored for at least 6 or 7 years. I had to quit buying as my storage area (30' X 8' X 8' is full) I had the lumber stickered for a couple of years but tight stacked to obtain more space. I have noticed the Amish that harvest their own trees only select the largest, straightest trees. Rough sawn lumber is quite cheap at these sales as many hobby woodworkers apparently do not have planers and jointers. Finished lumber usually sells at or above the commercial outlet prices.

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