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Keith Newton
If you are ripping any thickness at a 45º angle, add the thickness to the reading on your fence. The back side will be the thickness less than the long side.

If you are ripping any other angle, just lay the piece your planning to cut beside the blade on the left, then start cranking it over to the desired angle, then lay your tape or other measuring instrument flat on top of the wood with the end touching the fence. You need to have a tooth at the right height, so your measuring from the fence to the tooth rather than the plate. You don't need any math, you just let the piece your planning to rip guide where you measure.

When ripping angles, if the wood doesn't stay flat against the table, the width will be off, so make sure to keep it flat. If there is any bow to the stock it's easier to have the crown down, rather than fighting it trying to spring up if you rip with crown up.

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