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What problem is to be solved? *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

From the perspective that I do have tasks that seem to be a candidate, I find I can get by without this machine just fine. I borrowed one once for a repetitive profile and promptly abandoned it. All the stuff moving while I tried to concentrate drove me nuts and it wasn't that much faster, if any.

For larger arcs I spoke shave. For smaller arcs I file in one way or another, including calling coarse sandpaper wrapped around a dowel, bottle or whatever a "file". It all begins with accurate sawing so that the refinement need is just removing teeth marks.

So if the need is to efficiently hog off 1/8" of wood to get to a line then a solution could be practicing sawing. If it is possible to split a line with a hand saw making dovetails then at least kissing a line is achievable with a band saw or something similar. If the need is routinely profile sanding a product something with a bigger table and faster up-down and around than the hobby sander will be appreciated.

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