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Re: Ripping angles question

David Higgins
Thanks, Yonak. Good ideas!

I was hoping for a more procedural approach.

With a left-tilt saw the fence gauge is essentially useless for anything but a straight up 90 degree rip. And, I've been too lazy to dig out my high school trigonometry to calculate the right distance from the blade to the fence for this angle (14 degrees) cut. I guess it's time to dust that off.

I had overlooked the fact that I can set the angle on my jointer fence -- DOH! However, it's a small piece (about 3 inches, 0.5 inch thick), and I'm a little concerned about the safety of trying to pass it over the jointer.

Trial cuts on scrap are always a good idea. Coming up with scrap the same thickness as the work piece can be a challenge. But there are ways around that too, I suppose.

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