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Help Selecting a Spindle Sander

Hank Knight
I'm thinking about buying a spindle sander for a project I'm working on and for occasional use afterward. I'v always used a sanding drum on my drill press, but a spindle sander would be much handier. There seem to be three types: The big, floor standing industrial models, the more substantial "bench top" ones like Jet and maybe Delta, and the inexpensive, smaller bench tops like Rigid, Triton and others. The big boys are out of consideration because of both price and space requirements, so I'm looking at a bench top. I originally thought I'd buy the Rigid, but recent reviews have been terrible. What do you have/use and how do you like it? What do you recommend? I'd particularly like to hear from Rigid owners. How long have you had your machine and how well does it perform? It seems that the newer ones sold after about 2014 are subject to lots of criticism. Do you have a newer model that performs well?


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