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DIY Zero Clearance Insert with Riving Knife

David Higgins
I've been seeing on YouTube how important a riving knife can be. I wanted to use the knife that came with my saw and my DIY zero clearance insert.

But, I was not happy with the techniques I saw on YouTube. One looked downright dangerous as it involved drawing the work piece backward over the spinning blade.

I measured the stock insert and figured I needed another 4 inches of slot length. I marked this on the DIY and settled and centered the DIY over the raised blade. Then, I brought the fence in flush and clamped a piece of stock to the fence over the DIY to prevent rise-up. I lowered the blade and moved the DIY 4 inched toward the front of the saw and clamped a stop block to the fence to prevent kickback. Then I turned on the saw and gradually raised the blade until the cut reached my mark. It turns out I could have cut a half inch less, but it worked fine.

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