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Re: Would 1 1/2" plywood make a good workbench top

David Yoho
Would it make a good top for a workbench?

Depends. When I first set up my workshop I wanted a workbench attached to two walls of my shop as a general bench work surface. I used standard 2 by 4 framing with 4 by 4 legs to support the front, and covered it with 3/4" birch ply faced off with a solid 5" band of birch to cover the plywood edge and the front framing. It works just fine.

However, I also have a free-standing bench with a thick solid maple top and heavy frame that I use to do all my pounding and construction work. I think if this is the type of bench your are referring to you might want a little thicker top or at least add something like some 1/4" tempered hardboard on top of the plywood.

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