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Re: marking gauge- knife style

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
after using my LN panel gauge i really like them. it is my first knife edge style gauge, other than a wheel gauge. my other one are the pin type.

I'm looking to get a smaller knife edge marking gauge. i'd like some referrals for something like this:

Japanese style also are good. i'd like to get a small manufacture, independent type guy is preferred. i like to support the craftsman when i can.

Joe P.

Hi Joe

I have many cutting gauges, and prefer either Japanese or wheel gauges. They are excellent at scoring both with- and across the grain.

The Japanese are the more ergonomic, and the wheel gauges leave a finer line. I prefer the Japanese for the heavier blades and deeper lines, such as tenon shoulders, but the wheel gauges excel for finely detailed marked, such as dovetails.

These two have a feature in common, that other types of gauges (including the Hamilton) cannot emulate. It is possible to mark the exact width of a board (such as when dovetailing) by dropping the blade (rather than extending it) ...

The best Japanese gauges were made by Kinshiro (and Expensive!). These are no longer available. They are also double knife gauges designed for mortice and tenon joints, however one blade can be retracted and a single blade used. It is possible to get a cheap version, a Large Ryuma for $17 from Tools from Japan. I purchased a couple and modified them ...

The Large Ryuma ...

Modified to a single knife and opposite a Kinshiro ..

Used as per the wheel gauge ...

The wheel gauges from either Veritas (their latest version is second from the right) or Tite-Mark (far right) are excellent.

Regards from Perth


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