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Joseph Piotrowski
I'm no expert in why one is better. i under the opinion that a knife works well with grain and a pin type works well with end grain.

pencil, marking knife, making gauges of both types all have a place.

in considering that i am taking some long narrow stock down to size. under 2 inches and want to hand plane them to parallel at 1-3/4 . a nice sharp line make it easy to work to a finished dimension. well easier said that done :). the knife line will leave a consistent thickness and parallel line. to get pencil line of equal results require a far greater effort. to those that can do it. bless you! i'm not that good.

as for pencils, i use them for all my rough dimensions or where i don't want a knife mark. it probably a bigger deal in hand tool work but a knife wall is a awesome thing and pencils jut don't make them :)

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