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Re: OK, what advice on hole size and layout?

Hank Knight

I have a different view of the number of holdfast holes you need. I was anxious not to make Swiss cheese out of my bench top so I was very careful about hole placement. When I built my bench 10 years ago, drilled one row of holes 10" apart and located so that my holdfasts reach to within 2 inches of the front edge of my bench. This served me well for a number of years. I have a 32" wide bench top and I found there were situations when a hole further back, away from the front, would have been handy. Finally, about a year ago I drilled a second set of holes, also 10" apart and spaced so that my holdfasts reach within about 2" from the back edge of my bench. The lateral spacing of the holes in the new row alternate with the holes in the original row. Now I can reach my entire bench top with holdfasts with relatively few holes. I drilled 3/4" holes to accommodate most of the currently available bench hardware. I also have rows of rectangular dog holes along the front and rear edges of my bench for use with bench dogs and my twin screw end vise.

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