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Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
Can't say I didn't spend 4 ~ 6 hours setting up my jointer and Unisaw (made in Tennessee by the way), but probably 2 or more of the hours was checking alignments. In the saw's case i measured the fence and the slot to blade alignment using a .0001 indicator and adjusted the fence to my liking. Measured a few times since and it has held perfectly. On the jointer, I measured the fence and set the 45 and 90 deg stops using precision tools. I also checked the jointer tables to insure they were parallel with each other. Most of the measurements and adjustment were not really required ~ but some were off enough to displease me..

I am anal about machine alignment, I can make enough errors without the machine contributing. In reality, I would probably have done all the measurements and adjustments if I had the machine installed and set up by a factory rep. I worked as a Manufacturing Engineer for near 40 years and trust no one else to do the final adjustments on my woodworking machines!

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