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slotted screws

John K Jordan
>>>. I need to make or find a very accurately ground screw driver. It wanted to cam out. I have it soaking with penetrating oil.

I bought a set of gunsmith screwdrivers which are precision flat ground. Grip very well. I have flat ground my own a custom size for a good fit as needed.

Also, back when I worked on motorcycle engines a lot a hand-held manual impact driver was my best friend. A lot of screws were Philips then which were notorious for stripping the heads. I would cut a slot across the top of the screw and use the impact driver with a flat bit, smacking with a hammer. The combination of shock from the impact, strong downward rotational force, and penetrating oil never failed to remove an otherwise impossible screw.

Mine looks a lot like this. These things last forever.

I always replace problem screws with socket (allen) screws.


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