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Re: They are supposed to be stiff

Barry Irby
Mine have gotten Way past stiff. They were so difficult to adjust it took two hands and a lot of effort. About ninety percent of the time I leave it set at about a 1/16" and I could get it to be less but if I tried for a heavier cut I was in fear of stripping threads, wringing something off or breaking something.

Tonight I blew it out and was somewhat surprised at the amount of ancient crud I got out of it. I realize most of that would not restrict the movement, but apparently some of it did. After blowing and vacing I lubed it with some penetrating oil. It really helped. Now it is just stiff. Sort of pleasantly stiff. I checked the outfeed table and the height seems good, so I left it alone.

Now I need to free up the set screw that sets the fence to ninety degrees. Its off about a degree. The diagram shows a Allen head screw, but my machine has a slotted one. I need to make or find a very accurately ground screw driver. It wanted to cam out. I have it soaking with penetrating oil.

Maybe I should not be too upset. I've owned this machine about 45 years. Cleaning it and lubing it once every forty five years is not bad.

There is a locking knob on the back side fo the machine. Maybe I will have to get into the habit of using it.

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