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Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
Well I am sure you could find someone to do the final setup and adjustments but most of us are cost conscious and do not want to pay the $300 to $500 extra to do that.
I think every large machine I have purchased has been off-loaded in my driveway, and I moved it into my shop with help.
I think Hammer, Minimax and Felder will have a rep do what you are asking but these are pretty expensive machines and you get what you pay for.
In most cases the final adjustments are things you should know and be able to do when you use the machines for your woodworking as they may require these due to wear or impact during their working life.

Personally my Minimax band saw, 20" planer, Unisaw, 8" joiner and other equipment did not take more than 1/2 day to install, set up and align.

As our hobby requires knowledge of our equipment, and does require occasional alignment and adjustment and normal maintenance which we learn more about during the initial setup, I wouldn't pay a cent for any other person to set up or align mine.

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