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Re: I am so stupid! How long?

Barry Irby
My experience is that if you were going to have a reaction, you would have had it by now. Within an hour or two of the exposure.

For months I have been working with cherry. No reaction, nothing. Switched to walnut and it started. I do not recall if it happened on the first day but within a day or two of working walnut I started to notice scratchy eyes. They feel like I should flush them out and if I knew a good way, I would do it. A shower and clean clothes really help. Also did some shop cleaning. Today I will buy fresh filters for my homemade air cleaner. Cleaning them is cheaper, but it creates a cloud of dust and I don't need that.

I have a Festool router that has excellent dust collection. Something of PITA to set up. Real Men don't use DC on a router. Right?

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