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Fun farm stuff: llama rescue.

John K Jordan
Yesterday was a llama rescue operation. I drove 104 miles with a trailer to meet with some other experienced llama handlers. The project was to capture two llamas, one older and blind and the other 10 years young, wild and unhandled since birth. Both had been neglected and never had even basic health and grooming care. Catching them took all our tricks but went smoothly and no one got hurt. A couple of hours later they were on the way back to my place for temporary confinement.

24 hours later the two have most of the years of matted wool removed, fangs (fighting teeth) removed, toenails trimmed, other parts removed (castrated), and fecal samples taken for lab work - seems like we are always removing things! Well, we did add something: their shots. The two are resting and recovering (will be sore for a while) with plenty of food and water, will wait here for a foster home offer. For now they have horses across the fence for company.

That's what we do for fun in our spare time! Some rescues take hours and exhausting physical effort. For anyone bored with life we have plenty of opportunities for volunteer help.


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