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Repair *PIC*

Gary Smyth
Antiquers, carvers, restorers
Heartsick! Through a five second set of cascading events difficult to be believed, one of my better folk art wood carvings, an eagle, snapped its beak. From similar carvings in Folk Art books the eagle is pine. Carved sometime between 1820 to 1860. Probably Pennsylvania German in the style of central PA carvers, which used the "chicken leg" in their work.
I know what needs done but looking for suggestions as to how to do it right.

It is a clean break but requires precise placement. Clamps will not work but wrapped thread as a holder will. It will be glued back but if any art value was there, I need to save what's remaining. I need to repair as carefully as possible. I want no glue squeeze out. Wood glue, epoxy? The finish is shellac and I want to minimize the glue line to almost invisibility. I will recoat the whole with shellac if that is a possible solution.
After whatever glue sets, what can I use to fill in the white finish crack at the break and minimize appearance of the glue line? Has anyone used a toothpick/needle/0000brush or some other fine point and shellac to fill the crack and minimize the minor groove exposed when the beak snapped off? I’m open to suggestions for any solution.



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