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Barry Irby
Lately, it does not seem to have any effect other than scratchy/itchy eyes.

No hyves, breathing issues, lightheadedness etc.

I can't think of any other problems other than I am older than I used to be and somewhat more decrepit.

I tried Flonase because of a stuffy nose and it was wonderful. Could breath fully and deeply. For three days. Then I got a nose bleed. Not bad, just a little blood when I blew it. The pharmacist said that was a possible side effect. So I don't use it. (When I was a kid I got a major nose bleed from smelling Pinesol. Happened twice. Bled to the point they were considering a transfusion. I avoid pine scented stuff like the plague. The Flonase brought back bad memories and I ran away like a scared little girl.

Just installed the feet on the coffee table. Will clean up and avoid walnut for a while. Next time I will find some good comfortable goggles. I wear glasses but they are not keeping the dust out of my eyes.

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