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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
There was a time when you had a choice of ordering from a distance or buying locally. It cost more to buy locally, but the dealer would assemble the machine and have a couple of guys bring it to your place and put it where you wanted it.

Bob, this is still the way Hammer/Felder do it in Australia.

I've purchased three machines over the years (the most recent being a Hammer K3 saw). The agent will "commission" the machine at their warehouse, which means they assemble it and ensure all is to factory specs. Then it is delivered, and any parts that need to be fitted are done so in the location. The machine is then tested. The team (of two) also took the time to check my other machines (N4400 bandsaw and A3-31 jointer/planer), and tuned up the bandsaw, having noted that the belt was not tight enough.

That is one good reason I have kept going back to these guys over the years.

Regards from Perth


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