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Just a minor rant

Just-a-wondering. Is it just me or are their others that feel the same way I do? We, as experienced to mediocre woodworkers have fallen the DIY or "build it yourself" vortex. We pay GOOD MONEY for a New Table Saw, Dust Collector, Jointer, etc. we are expected TO AND HAVE THE PRIVILEGE to "assemble it yourself". The instructions say "The assembly time is about 4-6 hours". I think it is a misprint on some of the machines I have purchased, its should read 4-6 days. Oh yes the disclaimer "you may need go get someone to assist you to lift it in to position", how about You may need Two Brawny Linebackers from your local college, and a case of soda, I think that, would be a better statement.
When we go to an appliance store, to make a purchase on a Refrigerator, Freezer, Washer, or Dryer, they come fully assembled, minus a gas hookup, or electrical cord, which is purchased separately. In looking inside a Washer, or Dryer, they both seem very simple. I am not seeing anything that needs to be COPLANER, or realigned to make it function correctly, (setting on three rollers with a belt attached).
I am so grateful that these appliances do come fully assembled, and need only MINOR items to make them function correctly. I only wish that when y'all pay $1500.00 to $2000.00 dollars we could get an item that is plug and play, and not pay extra "For lift gate service"

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