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Grizzly Tablesaw arbor nut

Michael Dresdner
I helped a friend set up a new Grizzly tablesaw. We put on a blade and did a test cut. He informed me a day or so later that he could not loosen the nut to remove the blade. I went there today and it required jamming the blade with metal and using an oversize wrench to finally crack it free. Once off, we tried again, very lightly setting the nut and doing a test cut. Again, it took an intense amount of force to remove it. We put vaseline on the threads, the face of the nut, and the unusual washer. It's still hard to remove. It is a very unusual nut/washer design, and I think that is the culprit. My take is to replace the stepped nut and recessed washer with a more traditional nut and dome washer seen on most saws. Has anyone else experienced this with a new Grizzly saw, and how did you resolve it? Thanks.

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