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Alan Young

I hope I am wrong, but it seems to me the seams between the thin plywood panels will open over time. Do you have experience with this technique?

Hi Barry-Not sure what conditions would cause these joints to "open" more than any other joint. Veneer has been a standard furniture element for centuries. I used relatively thick walnut veneers (.0625) over .125 Birch ply. for a total thickness of .1875 or 3/16". When laid side by side over the 3/8 Birch plywood I actually have an edge to edge glue line adding a glue dimension that would in essence be missing from using a thin veneer (.020-.040) over a thicker substrate say .75"....

I used the cinder blocks to weigh the .0625walnut/.125birch ply to the .375 birch ply. At the same time I ran a bead of glue between each thinner panel and pulled them together with clamps as one would do in a solid wood edge to edge glue up- trying of course to strike a balance between edge to edge contact while not squeezing out the glue on the line...

We'll see how it ages.

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