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Re: I don't know why this idea makes any sense

"Anybody that uses an ax knows that wood crushing and reswelling is irreversible."

There is this thing called the proportional limit. Beyond that point permanent change occurs, up to that point you can cycle it. Trees sway back and forth in the wind, or in say bows when drawn and released. The cycles to failure are incredibly high, compared to almost anything you can imagine. They are stretched and compressed, over an over, though mostly on the 0 axis.

Who knows what the point of biscuits is. Swelling is not that convincing, because it eventually dries out. The dimensional change isn't necessarily permanent. Two issues are that the biscuit needs to be undersized enough to be an easy but not sloppy fit. Tight enough to bond the glue. After that not much maters.

The axe case is different from the biscuit. The biscuit is dry fit slightly tight, swollen to be tight. The axe is tight fit dry, then cycled with water, and the amount of water is unspecified.

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