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Re: thank for the detailed explanation

Alan Young
My photos are slightly misleading in that I followed your protocol-One piece at a time. These photos just happened to be when I was gluing the second of each side. Now maybe you mean One at a time in clockwise/counterclockwise order-I thought of doing it that way but after getting one long side to match I glued it on- Then did the same for the other side. I used the 45 degree cut off from trimming to set each corner and clamp in place temporarily till each corner of the solid walnut matched the corresponding corner of the plywood. This took a few cuts-sneaking up bit by bit. Knowing your mark and your saw's tendencies is critical. When I cut the 45 degree I was prepared to tweak my saw's angle to match corners- I didn't have to do that-The Biggest factor is probably not the edgebanding-but getting 4 square corners on that plywood rectangle. I used a Dewalt track saw-again making a couple of cuts- sneaking up each time-measuring lengths,widths,squaring with a big drywall square and measuring corner to corner. But to sum up I'll quote my dad "I got luckier than I should have" ;)

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