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Re: I don't know why this idea makes any sense

Barry Irby
Hmmm? Got to think about that.

I think you are correct it the cells are crushed, their integrity destroyed, but I am talking pressing them down a few thou.

It's a fairly common practice to swell a small dent back up by wetting it. I have don't it a few times and seen no evidence the dent reappears when the wood dries. I have seen that practice recommended here. I have also seen steam recommended, but have not tried it.

I saw Roy Underhill make a water proof box by hammering a nail on it's side into the bottom edge of the side, creating a groove and them planing away the wood to the level of the bottom of the groove. When the box was assembled the compressed wood would swell when water leaded into the joint and seal it. He did not say if this would seal the box when subsequently dry.

I have also seen wood flooring ruined by flooding where the boards swelled and crushed each other and it never recovered. Also seen the ax handle effect you mentioned.

I think the difference is in the degree of compression. If the wood is crushed, I don't think this will work, but if the compression is slight I think it will, but you raise a good point. Fitting the keys properly is probably the best practice, but sometimes you need a bigger hammer.

A friend's father working in the shipyards in WWII. He said "A good machinist knew how to lean on his lathe to get the last 1/10000"."

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