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Re: OT- vehicle steering question

Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
I would definitely purchase the generic parts. Odds are they are made by the same manufacture as the "ford" parts. I was an Engineer at a plant where we made a lot of Automotive components. The OEM replacement parts (in the nice little branded box) cost more than 10 times the actual price we sold the component to the manufacturer.

Many of the aftermarket parts were made by us to the same spec as the original and sold for 50% or less than the OEM marked parts.

There is somewhat of a legitimate reason the OEM parts are so expensive. Some of the parts are required to be purchased and carried in stock by the dealers and many of these will never be sold by them until they are obsolete and the dealers then sell them in bulk at a loss. (or that is how it was done a few years ago). Thus the dealers try to make up for that loss with profit from the parts they do sell.

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