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Re: do over, but for another reason

Hey Bill, thanks for all the great advice, and pictures too. Sure appreciate it.
The sides are actually 1/2” but do look thicker in the pictures, and the fronts are 3/4”, which is what the plans called for. The bottoms are supposed to be 3/8” with a 1/4” rabbit for the groove.
I did consider 1/4” ply for the bottoms but I wanted to project to be completely solid wood.
I have so much time invested in the drawers. I may consider it a learning experience and stick with the sides? Although it may bug me?? I guess the mistake will only be visible if the drawer is fully extended? I had thought from time to time I would pull the draw out and leave it on my bench if I was wanting access to a few tools? But maybe I’ll show off my new chest and not let anyone pull the drawers fully out! Haha

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