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WC Weekend Accomplishments.... *PIC*

Dennis E Peacock
23 Oct 2017

Good Morning Everyone,
The good news today is that the king size bed project is now at the designer/owner's home and no longer in my shop. They haven't decided on a color or finish yet, but they decided to take it home with them and then work with me after they have decided on the actual install of the bed. My only question now is "how long will it take them to decided on a color/finish AND how long will it take them to apply said color/finish before they call me for the install?"

No matter, here's a pic of proof that I've actually been doing something in the shop for a change:

Played some music with friends this weekend and I have the sore fingers to prove that I need to practice guitar more. :)

That's it for me, so what did YOU do this past weekend?

Best of weeks to you all.
Dennis Peacock

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WC Weekend Accomplishments.... *PIC*
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