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Making a Super Heavy table Top Question

John Foster
Hello all;

For Christmas, my son and daughter-in-law have requested a new kitchen table. The table they have picked out is a massively heavy brute of a trestle table. The table has a top that is just shy of 3" thick. I have a good stock of black ash, the hitch being that it is only 6/4 material. I am considering layering up two thicknesses of stock. A discreet glue line around the edge is ok with them, or I might put a contrasting face piece around the perimeter.

Has anyone ever built up a table top before? My thoughts are:

1) Glue up boards of the same width to double thickness, joint the edges and glue the thick pieces up as you would normally glue up a table top. This is probably the easiest.

2) Glue up two table tops of the thinner material and then plane two surfaces and glue them together into a thicker top. This might have the advantage of extra strength , assuming the glue lines between the pieces of the two layers do not line up. The tricky part would be gluing the two large pieces, geting total contact with no air pockets: I am thinking of putting a layer of thin plywood on top and the piling on a whole bunch of bags of concrete mix.

Either way, I have a professional shop a mile away that has a Timesaver planer/sander they do custom work a reasonable rate. Finishing the top is not a problem.

Is this even a viable idea? I am thinking it should work; the wood is well dried, stored in the same location and would be all the same species.

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